It’s a jungle out there

I’ve been enjoying the new location in the community garden.  Last season, we moved from the very front to the very back. It’s doing really well so far this year.  Maybe even a jungle, of sorts. I can’t help but feel a bit of pride, but I’m sure it’s luck — and some learning.  First, […]

Can’t beet this

Summer sure is busy. So much going on, the garden is just one of them! The community garden has been doing well so far. This year, we’ve got beets — no nibbling critters so far. And a bounty of chard and kale. The carrots are finally maturing. So many pretty, subtle jewel tones between the beets, […]

Rhubarb and radishes

I have three or four posts worth of content this long holiday weekend. Saturday: A Cautionary Tale Saturday at the community garden is marked by an epic fail that confirms experienced gardeners do stupid things.  This is one I’ll be paying for all season, and possibly well beyond.  Let’s just say I generally use landscape fabric […]

Fall feasts

It finally feels like fall! This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  No, M. didn’t mention it (for once!), but anybody who is Canadian living in the U.S. has mentioned it this weekend. They celebrate at the right time for harvest.  Our U.S. Thanksgiving is great, but a little late to be a harvest celebration. The garden […]

Weekend breakfast

We’ve been fortunate to have a community garden plot up near the Frelinghuysen Arborteum through the Morris County Parks System.  Even though there’s now a community garden within walking distance of our home in town, we don’t want to leave the wonderful community where we’ve been tending our little organic plot for more than a decade. […]

Community garden

Two years ago, through the Frehlinghuysen Arboretum, I discovered their community garden.  Finally, I had a place to plant all those vegetables and sun-loving plants that wouldn’t work on our shady home plot. But best of all, I’ve met many great garden-minded folks throughout the plot.  Here are a few photos from the summer of […]