Since I only get to there a few times a week, I’m not sure what I will find at the community garden. Inevitably, most times, any apprehension melts away once I arrive and dig in.

However, last weekend, I was alarmed to find a surprise.  Our birdhouse had fallen and landed on a large rhubarb plant. I dreaded what I might find.

The contents had spilled out and I carefully peered under the rhubarb to assess the damage.  Bird nests are not necessarily a cute array of straw and grasses.  Sure, there was some straw, but there was also aqua-colored plastic twine, small pieces of clear plastic sheeting, small bits of broken  plastic odds and ends, black string, large feathers.  Apparently it’s perfect for the tenants.  Apprehensively, I searched to see if there were signs of any birds among the debris. Relieved, none seemed to be around.

I righted the pole and the house. As I walked back from bringing some of my harvest to the community food bank cooler we keep onsite, it seemed the residents — or some new ones — were already moving back in.  This was taken at a distance, so a bit blurry:


Aside from the birdhouse, it was a good harvest this week, including lettuces, chard, kale and pak choi.  So much goodness from a handful of seeds.

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