So what’s this place all about?

Gardening. Musings. Observations. Life.

I’ve been digging in the dirt and staring at plants for as long as I remember. Maybe it started when my mom and I planted a little section in our backyard garden just for me. Or maybe it was wandering the woods and fields around our house, where I was always being reminded to stop getting my “good shoes” muddy.  In high school, during summer vacations, I worked at a nursery and greenhouse and learned a bit about plants and their care.

No doubt it has mostly been learned hands-on, at home and in the community garden plot–and through reading, observing, and doing.

Nowadays, I garden in the eastern U.S., zone 6B, where we are living in our second house and taking on the adventure of a wild new property.

So let’s wander the garden, and a little bit of the world, and see if there are some stories they tell.


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All photos displayed on this site are from my personal projects, home garden, or journeys.