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I’ve been digging in the dirt and staring at plants for as long as I remember. Maybe it started when my mom and I planted a little section in our backyard garden just for me. Or maybe it was wandering the woods and fields around our house, where I was always being reminded to stop getting my “good shoes” muddy.  In high school, during summer vacations, I worked for a landscape architect in his nursery and greenhouse, and learned a bit about plants and their care.

No doubt it has mostly been learned hands-on, at home and in the community garden plot–and through reading, observing, and doing.

Nowadays, I garden in the eastern U.S., zone 6B.  More recent posts document the process of shaping a new landscape and garden design here on Windy Knoll, the name given to our arts and crafts home by its early twentieth century owners.  What we inherited when we arrived a few years ago was a property devoid of landscaping, replete with invasive plants, rocks, and black walnut trees — those beautiful specimens known for releasing a chemical toxic to many other plants.

So let’s wander around, and hear whatever stories this place can share along the way.

It’s so nice to share these ramblings with you. Thanks for visiting.

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