It finally feels like fall!

This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  No, M. didn’t mention it (for once!), but anybody who is Canadian living in the U.S. has mentioned it this weekend. They celebrate at the right time for harvest.  Our U.S. Thanksgiving is great, but a little late to be a harvest celebration.

The garden is still producing up a storm.  It makes me happy to see how well the first season in this new plot went.  Each weekend we’ve had such a nice array of fresh veggies, herbs and flowers to grace our table.  Today’s visit: more beautiful golden tomatoes, the last of the basil, baby dill, gorgeous-smelling thyme, a few peppers, the new little kale shoots, chard. Plus these lovely Montauk Daisies.  Such a great way to remember and honor my dad, who rustled some cuttings on his daily run and rooted them for me. They’re huge now.  They seem to like the sunny community garden vs. the shadier home environment.  Makes sense — Dad lived at the beach in his retirement and they thrived there.

bee montauk daisy get planting

Speaking of feasts, check out this photo of the bee on one of the daisies and the little pollen sacs on each side.

If you’ve never tried growing a vegetable or herb, why not give it a whirl? It’s fun and easy, and you always put your garden in pots on your patio if you don’t have space.