We’ve been fortunate to have a community garden plot up near the Frelinghuysen Arborteum through the Morris County Parks System.  Even though there’s now a community garden within walking distance of our home in town, we don’t want to leave the wonderful community where we’ve been tending our little organic plot for more than a decade.

This year, we were given the opportunity to move to a sunnier location within the garden. Moving a 20 x 20 plot full of plants was a project — especially in the cold, damp early April weather.  But we were greeted with a welcome gift, a nice surprise from the former gardener, who had moved to California over the winter– some asparagus. Not too shabby.

Last weekend, we took home a nice harvest, including carrots and yellow squash  It made for a really nice breakfast this morning.  I simply washed the greens and gently scrubbed the carrots – no peeling necessary, they were so small.  After some fine slicing, these were sauteed with the squash and a bit of olive oil and fresh herbs.  On the other side of the pan, eggs.  Grated some pepper on top, and there was a simple, delicious, one-pan meal. You could grate a little cheese and add toast, if you wished.

What could be an easier, prettier dish on a Saturday morning? Colorful, fresh, flavorful… and maybe even healthy. You could exchange other fresh green — spinach, kale, chard or beet greens. Why not give it a try?

Speaking of great food, there are so many inspiring sites! Turntable Kitchen is a recent fave. Food and music, what could be better?  Their savory rye waffles are the great base for a Sunday morning breakfast. I have also long been a fan of Zoe Francois.  Zoe Bakes is always inspiring. And Will Cook for Friends is both yummy and gorgeous — her food photography is amazing.