Better half is working late (NYC agency life), so what better way to pass the time than take in the garden — and a glass of wine — from our porch?  Took a quick walk around with hose in hand, and as always, found tasks to be done — and new discoveries.

The oak leaf hydrangea, which had grown large over the years, suffered an unusual dieback this past winter. I’ve seen this with the macrophylla variety, but not with this. So I did a severe pruning in the spring. Thought it was a goner, but it’s had a new lease on life.  Shoots are growing around the main plant. it’s nothing to look at, so no photos, but it gave me hope!  Pruning seemed to direct the energy to renewal.

The inkberry hollies, which are kind of loose and messy-looking by nature, have grown huge this year. That’s also kind of unusual, especially as they’ve taken a beating under snow and ice these past two years. I don’t think they can be shaped, so turning around what to do with them in my head. When all else fails, leave as-is.

My stepdad shared an old gardening adage with me long ago that has proven to be a gardening truth:  The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps.

The hollies have been in for donkey’s ages, but they’ve finally leaped.


This blog is dedicated to people who are interested in gardening, so I really must provide some inspiring and practical advice. Next time!  Happy gardening!