There’s a title you might not expect in the fall.

But fall has always a time of new beginnings for me. Pretty ironic, considering it signals “the end” for many gardeners. (There are actually lots of “beginning” items you can do before the ground freezes.)

The purpose of this blog has slowly changed since it started in 2006. Some recent events have caused more self-reflection than usual. And with it, thoughts about the future of this blog.

I will be continuing with gradual changes that I’ve been making the past year or so, with a focus on broader context, stories beyond the garden, and of course, gardening. And that’s about all that’s certain for the moment.

If you’ve been following, thank you. I hope you have enjoyed whatever it may have offered you. And thanks for sticking with me as I figure out what’s next.

Keep at it, and keep getting those hands dirty!