Garden advice tomorrow.

For now, photos. Better than words today. We’ve had a warm spell and new growth is accelerating. Followed by strong winds here on Windy Knoll, and rain. It is April, after all. Tomorrow I’ll talk garden advice! I have been working on some projects. It is nice to have others who share a love of […]

Photo of the week

This delicate daffodil may be an heirloom dating back to when the house was built in 1910. I’d like to imagine this is the case, but it’s purely a guess based on some informal research. It has unusual, almost grassy leaves and longer, pointier petals, which curve outward. And in that, it resembles a few […]

Early April tasks

In my zone 6B garden, things are now starting to wake up and gaining momentum each day. Cleaning UpIf you haven’t done spring clean up, now is a good time to tackle that job. In our garden, I spent yesterday trying to reclaim the last of the once-hidden border area at the street side. It’s […]

Spring forward

Sure, it’s a cliche, but spring is a time for new beginnings. Our March projects: We’ve been talking to a native plant expert about options for our woodlands and yard. I have always appreciated important role of soil, but I gained insights that I wouldn’t have imagined about the vast differences in structure and the […]

Twin maples

Remember that box of photos and other stuff at the historical society? Well, my Nancy Drew sleuthing skills found more gardening clues there. There are two large Crimson King Norway maples at the front of our yard. If you’re at street level, they visually align with each end of the house, flanking the yard and […]

January surprise

I’ll be honest, lately I haven’t been looking too closely at the witch hazel (hamamelis ‘Jelena’) I had planted in back of the house. January is too early for it to bloom, and there hasn’t been much going on. It’s placed to provide a view from one of the kitchen windows.¬† To inspire in the […]

The end of the season

Summer rolled on into fall.¬† I coaxed along the new additions to the garden and weeded, weeded, weeded. The summer was initially hot (90F+) and dry. Of course, this was exactly at the time we were away in Spain. Most of the plants survived, thanks to some watering from our next-door neighbor. It then proceeded […]

A summer crush

Obsessions… wasp nests… and snake-filled brick piles. Let me start at the beginning… or rather, the middle. Late spring and early summer brought more planting, this time on the other side of the house. The ground was even more difficult to work in the back. As they say, insanity is doing the same thing over […]

Queen of the pickaxe

In this second installment, we begin the dramatic tale of woman vs. weeds, weather, and woodchucks. Or maybe we’ll rewind just a bit little earlier. Most of the winter was spent looking at catalogs and websites¬†— much of it focused on building a better understanding of what could grow in the drip line and root […]