A second season of landscape and garden improvements are coming to an end in this (not-so) new home. The process gained a rhythm; the knowledge of certain areas became more intimate; and, the progress was surer and steadier. But goals were also perhaps slightly less ambitious.

Priorities, priorities

The reality is, home improvement projects continued to take precedent. Checked off the list: a gas line to replace the uncivilized, inefficient oil furnace. The workmen avoided most of the beds, but had to dig through part of the front woodland. And I continue to worry about the long-term impact to the trees, of course! That’s the price of progress, I suppose.

Building and expanding

A big focus: filling in and expanding to new areas. And, I decided to create a small test garden at the back. Omnipresent: there is the continual correction of issues, such as creating structure and tilth over eroded earth and bare stone on a back slope, where I suspect workmen dumped it, working on projects by previous owners.

I think, if I ignore the empty spaces that were created for everything to expand, that there has been a steady drumbeat of progress.

Here’s a quick visual survey up through May — those early days when the earth is still awakening from slumber. And our muscles are, too, as we clean, prep, dig, and otherwise begin the race to keep ahead of the chores.