The weather: Rain and colder-than-usual temperatures through most of April. It has dampened more than the ground; the plants seem a bit timid, a few bravely peeking out, perhaps dispirited, waiting for a few steady days of sun.

The good news: the Thalia daffodils planted last fall on the back fern slope really came through. They practically glowed yesterday in the sun, a rare sunny day among the gray of April. The ostrich ferns are right behind them. Some are already spreading.

The current project: The past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on the far edge of the property, rebuilding a slope that was nothing but rocks and persistent weeds, adding soil and native sedges (Appalachian and Pennsylvania). And among this, there are focal points and structure with Arnold Promise witch hazel and American hazelnut, plus some native perennials. I’ll just keep soldiering onward through the rain — it’s the best time to put in new plants.

Because of the cool weather, the daffodils are hanging around longer than usual. The white ones are going gangbusters this year.

Prolific this year: pheasant-eye narcissus (daffodil)