The end of March brought a week of straight rains, and now the cold, windy (but sunny) weather that is usually reserved for early March. The garden is benefiting from the rain, but emerging slowly. With all of us relegated to shelter-in-place, and between the short stints of rain-soaked garden chores, the respite is baking. Baking is such a very basic part of cocooning for me.

During the rainy period, I made some pulla, a type of lightly sweetened Finnish yeast bread — often eaten as a treat with coffee — and frequently flavored with cardamom, and studded with raisins.

Grinding cardomom seeds with mortal and pestle. You could also use the pre-ground type found in the baking and spice aisle. But this is quite lovely and flavorful, definitely worth the small amount of effort.

I used some of the last bits to create bread pudding. The pudding can be served with a dusting of powdered sugar, or a light drizzle of syrup of your preference (brandy, a yoghurt-maple, or such).

Some sustenance for garden planning. The weekend and the garden beckon.