This gardener’s year

‘Tis the season for holiday cards bearing family newsletters. We were just reading one friend’s month-by-month reporting on their family’s magnificent year of adventures and achievements.  When we were done chuckling about how funny our own warts-and-all newsletter might be, we reflected on what a wonderful year it really has been and how blessed we […]

An unexpected find

Since moving to this old house, I’ve spent my fair share of time assessing the landscape, musing about where plantings may have one been, and considering how things have evolved. Or devolved, as the case seems to be. I’ve envisioned potential frameworks clearly.  An old photograph on the historical society’s website showed overgrown Barberry (berberis) […]

Going native

I’ve been spending time with the natives this year. It’s opened up a new way of looking at things, from planting scheme design to the  experience of being outdoors. Eradicating invasives has been the practical necessity of restoring our property and bringing our more native-friendly design to life.  There’s an entire community of people focused […]

Coneflowers and cranesbill

Following the installation of the foundation plantings at the front of the house, our first project has been a mixed border at the front roadside, and a small bed at the back of the house. Having bought the house in wintertime, I couldn’t have known or anticipated the difficulty of the site. The rocks and […]

Catching up

We recently celebrated the first year anniversary of living in our new home. If Year 1 was about improving our home’s infrastructure, Year 2 is about the garden.  And this has been a do-it-yourself season!  I’ll post the entire before-and-afters at some point.  Right now, take a tour through some early spring highlights. More soon! […]


Winter and spring are wrestling.  The majority of our snow — and major storms — hit in March. The bulbs can survive. The snowdrops below first appeared in March, and then were buried under nearly two feet of snow following a couple of n’oreasters. That’s resilience. While there is barely a garden, some former occupant […]

Shifting seasons

One harbinger of the slow, subtle shift from winter to spring  is witch hazel (hamamelis). The varieties of this shrub bloom from February through early March, with tiny flowers – crinkled wisps. We included a witch hazel in the front bed.  It has endured sustained sub-freezing temperatures and the regular stiff winds here on Windy […]

The next chapter

Time flies and there’s nothing like moving to really drive that point home. It’s bittersweet to read this blog and to recall our nearly 18 years in our first home, as we embark on a new adventure.  The love, care and improvements we made Building a garden that is now mature.  Love, friendship and good […]