That was then, this is now

Some thoughts for for a new gardener: Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I received a wonderful garden journal as a gift, and it has provided insights, occasional entertainment, and perspective. I go through spells when I use it, and long stretches where I don’t.  But it can be helpful to read […]

New discoveries

Better half is working late (NYC agency life), so what better way to pass the time than take in the garden — and a glass of wine — from our porch?  Took a quick walk around with hose in hand, and as always, found tasks to be done — and new discoveries. The oak leaf hydrangea, […]

Garden. Love.

Plants made an impression on me from the start.  I recall bright purple pansies with yellow faces where we lived when I was just three years old.  But one of my fondest, earliest garden memories involves my mother and a little gardening project. We had moved to a large, old house with a a big […]

Respecting what has come before…

Part of the fun of the garden when you have an older home is trying to imagine what the former owners created. The grounds of our post-war colonial house were very much a clean slate when we arrived.  We had learned from the sellers that when they bought it, the house had an incredible, if overgrown, garden, […]

Waiting for Spring…

There’s a lot to be said for the winter garden and the aesthetic interest of perennials, grasses and seed heads covered in frost and snow.  Come March, though, I start itching to order plants and plan changes and additions. Soon … until then, we wait.   

Once upon a time…

… it all started when we moved to a small town in New Jersey.  The type of mythical place where there’s a soda fountain in the drug store, a Fourth of July parade, and lots of small and cozy post-war homes.  Our own home’s yard was begging to be cultivated, and the idea of a garden took […]