Bits and pieces

Can it be June already? Here are just a few things that have been happening around the garden the past week or so. This little tour doesn’t take any particular path, so enjoy meandering along with me… The two New Dawn roses at the front of the house are blooming profusely. Still relatively small, around […]

Peonies return

I brought a few snippets of the tubers of the peonies from our last place. Siting them has been challenging, with the black walnuts and profuse shade. They, like several other perennials, are blooming rather late this year. We’ve had little sun and lots rain, which may have attributed to the delay. Several are in […]

Three steps forward, two steps back

Our new home has a lot of space, and as I’ve written, sizable chunks have been transformed from lawn grass to garden. For pure efficiency and eco-friendliness, getting help with occasional tasks, like mulching, is the best option. Who wants to deal with 60 bags of mulch and the resulting plastic, or moving a huge […]

Dear diary

This blog is, at its heart, just a personal diary. It picks up from the written garden notes I took for years, in the big green book that my mother bought me when my husband and I moved to our first home and we started our first garden. So today I have license to ramble! […]


This blog has evolved organically — no pun intended. Now it’s not just a gardening blog, but a chronicle of our old house and its long, and perhaps not-so-storied, history. I’m always seeing things that suggest a former plan. That crazy detective tendency, or just too much time with my own thoughts and imagination, or […]

April abundance

April is a pivotal month. The anticipation is now over. Whether you are itching to get started on those ambitious plans you have been dreaming of all winter, or simply bringing things back into shape, it is full of tasks and decisions. It has been a time of exuberance for me — seeing that nearly […]

Garden advice tomorrow.

For now, photos. Better than words today. We’ve had a warm spell and new growth is accelerating. Followed by strong winds here on Windy Knoll, and rain. It is April, after all. Tomorrow I’ll talk garden advice! I have been working on some projects. It is nice to have others who share a love of […]

Photo of the week

This delicate daffodil may be an heirloom dating back to when the house was built in 1910. I’d like to imagine this is the case, but it’s purely a guess based on some informal research. It has unusual, almost grassy leaves and longer, pointier petals, which curve outward. And in that, it resembles a few […]

Early April tasks

In my zone 6B garden, things are now starting to wake up and gaining momentum each day. Cleaning UpIf you haven’t done spring clean up, now is a good time to tackle that job. In our garden, I spent yesterday trying to reclaim the last of the once-hidden border area at the street side. It’s […]