Summer snowfall

One of the very best parts of summer is the bounty of fresh herbs that simply transform our cooking. What’s more, you don’t need many plants to have a major impact on your dishes — just a small variety to add richness and vibrancy. Though I know plenty of folks who love the variety of […]

Bee friendly this pollinator week

Much has been written about the alarming threats to our bee populations and the benefits of adding natives to attract pollinators of all types to your habitat.  In honor of National Pollinator Week, I think I’ll try this fun-looking project to welcome more bees into our garden, courtesy of the Pollinator Partnership. In honor of […]

A spring planter

In this planter, ferns and heuchera are joined by some violas.  Some moss completes the composition.  The results seem to be deer-proof, so far — and shade-tolerant.  As perennials, they can be relocated to another part of the garden at the end of the season, to return again next spring.

Potted citrus

We had some workmen in a few weeks ago.  One of them was fascinated by the potted calomondin orange in our living room. He asked if the fruit grew to be full-sized citrus (they’re tiny).  I explained that they don’t, and while the fruit is sour, I have made a good marmalade with it. It’s a […]


It’s Christmas Eve. And it’s 70 degrees outside.  It’s wacky weather for for New Jersey. It’s been so warm that early flowering plants —  daffodils, hyacinths, forsythia and blooming trees, are starting to emerge. More on that another day.  Right now, I’m just hoping the rain clears up so that we can put out our luminarias.  An annual […]