Rhubarb and radishes

I have three or four posts worth of content this long holiday weekend. Saturday: A Cautionary Tale Saturday at the community garden is marked by an epic fail that confirms experienced gardeners do stupid things.  This is one I’ll be paying for all season, and possibly well beyond.  Let’s just say I generally use landscape fabric […]

Daylily dilemma

I spent a good part of the weekend battling a formidble enemy.  They look so innocent, even attractive.  Neighbors share them freely. They appear on roadsides across the northeast, a happy sign of summer.  The orange daylily. A friend gave me some from her garden who knows how many years ago.  And somehow they have […]

May Day

Happy May Day! Here’s a glimpse of the baskets I created for my pals with the purchases at the plant sale, plus the addition of some strawberry plants.  It wouldn’t be May Day without strawberries! Everyone seemed to have a good time and kudos to my friends who brought crafts and creative projects along for […]

The plant sale

We’re members of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, which hosts an annual plant sale that offers an impressive array of annuals, perennials, shrubs and small trees.  Usually held in early May, one of the benefits of being a member is the opportunity to attend the member’s-only preview, and get the first crack at the good stuff! The sale […]

The payoff

With a minimum amount of work and maintenance, Fall bulb planting can have a big payoff come Spring.  Aside from the time choosing the varieties to plant, the actual prep and planting is very quick (see my November 7, 2015 post). There is nearly  no maintenance involved come Spring, aside from removing the yellowed stems […]

What’s blooming now

The pulmonaria are emerging.  Hard working, they’re great for the shade. And, after they bloom, their spotted leaves add interest in a shady border.  If they get a little ragged in the heat of mid-summer, I simply cut back any dead leaves or shear it back a bit, and new growth appears. The Shishigarshira maple (acer […]

Emerging this week

Our mild weather continues.  With sunny, 60-degree weather, yesterday was a great day for garden cleanup. The hellebores (also known as Lenten Rose) are now blooming. Crocuses have made an appearance. The first of the daffodils are blooming, while other varieties of narcissus are still making their way out of the soil.  Toad lily (erythonium) […]