A new tree

A guest post from my better half

Spring at the garden centre is always an exciting time. New plants arrive almost daily, and curious finds are around every corner. The Mugo Pine (pinus mugo) caught my eye as I was looking for some pots. A quick inspection revealed its interesting trunk and dense growth. Below are images of the tree as I bought it, cleaned of dead pine needles, and the tree as it starts to take shape after the first trimming.

Initially I intended for it to be displayed the other way, but looking at the photographs, I think the front and back could be swapped.

Let it sit for a while to adjust to the light pruning, then consider some hardier trimming in a week or two. Stay tuned as it takes shape!


Winter garden

…or very early spring, to be hopeful. The lawn yielded another section to the rich soil of our plant beds, giving home to a beautiful rose. She sits dormant now, but the signs of life are everywhere.

Waiting for Spring…

There’s a lot to be said for the winter garden and the aesthetic interest of perennials, grasses and seed heads covered in frost and snow.  Come March, though, I start itching to order plants and plan changes and additions.

Soon … until then, we wait.

Garden pix 2006 033


Once upon a time…

… it all started when we moved to a small town in New Jersey.  The type of mythical place where there’s a soda fountain in the drug store, a Fourth of July parade, and lots of small and cozy post-war homes.  Our own home’s yard was begging to be cultivated, and the idea of a garden took root.  Nothing like starting with a clean slate. Thus, the fledgling garden began.